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Miss McDonough's Music Class: Miss McDonough's Kindergarten Digital Music Classroom Week 3


Welcome to Kindergarten Music with Miss McDonough!

Please complete the following musical activities on your music day! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Miss McDonough!

Assignment Instructions

Step 1

Watch this video of the song-tale Down by the Bay! Notice how each verse contains two rhyming words.

Assignment Instructions

Step 2

Notice how each verse contains two rhyming words. Do YOU know two words that rhyme? Watch this video about rhyming words






Step 3

Create your own verse to Down By the Bay using your two rhyming words. If you can, print the attached paper and create your own story page using the rhyming words that you chose. Be sure to draw a picture illustrating your rhyming words! If not, try to make it on plain paper!