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Team 1 English: Phrase Notes

Notes on Phrases

OBJECTIVE: You should be able to identify the types of phrases and use them to vary your sentence structure in your own writing.  This will make your writing more interest and improve your sentence fluency.

For this grammar unit on phrases, we are going to try what is called a "Flipped Classroom."  This means that rather than taking notes in class and doing the practice for homework, you will do the opposite.  View the Prezis and take notes at your own pace for homework and we will do the practice together in class.  Your notes should consist of terms, definitions/explanations, and examples.


Appositive Phrases

Prepositional Phrases

Participial Phrases

Infinitive Phrases

An infinitive phrase is a verb form that begins with the word "to" and is directly followed by a verb.


I like to scuba dive in the bathtub.

His effort to convince me to buy swampland in Louisiana was a failure.  

He was too silly to be easily understood.