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Garbati - Voicethread Spanish Two Mis Vacaciones: Getting Started

Step by Step Instructions

1) Gather images that are eligible to be re-used for educational purposes 

  • ImageQuest
  • Wikimedia

2) Create Google Slides

  • Try to keep MLA image citations with the image

3)  Finalize Google Slides

4) Create Voicethread

5) Record Voicethread

  • re-record to improve!
  • Join VT Group
  • to submit, drop finished VT into Spanish 2 Block X Group


Images with Citations!

Find images with citations!  Use our image database - ImageQuest

or try

Wikimedia - pictures with permission to be re-used and enough information about an image to create the citation.


VoiceThread App





Try using the app for recording the presentation you created on the computer. 

Spanish Characters

Visit  to type words that need accent marks.  

Cntrl + C = copy

Cntrl + V = paste