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Mrs Mohammed: Home

Welcome to my page

Mrs Mohammed- Welcome to my page :)

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Tasneem Mohammed
44 Geremonty Drive
Salem, NH 03079


My name is Tasneem Mohammed and I love teaching math. I have been teaching for the last decade. I did not take the typical route to education. I am born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. My grandfather emigrated from Pakistan to Scotland in 1956.As a kid growing up in the 80's, Cancer and AIDS were all over the news.I wanted to study Immunology and was convinced I was going to find the cure 

But life led me down a different road and I got married stayed home for 12 years and raised 3 kids. I went back to education here in the USA and worked towards my Bachelors in Math Education from Rivier University and Masters in Mathematics from Harvard University. If I can do it, then anyone can at any age. This country offers great opportunities to LEARN!  

My son Saif and daughters Anisa & Maleeha all graduated from SHS, and are working in Engineering and Pharmaceutical Industry #proudmamma

I love cooking and traveling. We love Europe, but need to check out the sites here in the US. Would love to hear of your favorite spots!
I am very passionate about education and feel strongly that it takes one person to change their entire generation. My father worked hard as an early immigrant in Britain and ensured we were successful in education. Raising 2 engineers, a pharmacist and a teacher. In turn we are all ensuring that our kids are educated! I firmly believe that you have no control over your past but you can definitely change your future!
This passion in education has led me to be involved in Project GEM (Girls Education Matters). Building schools in Pakistan and Somalia. Ensuring girls have access to education, and as mothers, change future generations!


3/14  PIE DAY  

Everyone brings in a PIE!

Students will participate in Pie Day in the following way:
You either sign up on the board (next to door) for Pie eating contest or to bring in a Pie to share with the class.


Students signed up for Pie eating contest :
Bring in a t-shirt to change to change into for the contest.

Bring a cream pie for the contest!

Math Team

JOIN MATH TEAM today and become a MATHLETE!

Have fun,make new friends,sharpen your math skills and compete.

Check out the math team page to see what's in store!