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Kristin Moser's Classroom: Welcome to Fifth Grade

Our Class Schedule

8:45 Morning Meeting
9:05 Special
9:50 Success Block
10:25 Math
11:30 Lunch/Recess
12:15 Read Aloud
12:45 Literacy Workshops (snack)
2:20 Content
2:50 Dismissal

SSD Curriculum Resources

Unified Arts Schedule

Monday: Library
Band Lessons

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Chorus

Thursday: Art
Strings Lessons

Friday: PE- Sneakers!

Mrs. Iacono's Zoom

Mrs. Moser

Kristin Moser's picture
Kristin Moser
William E. Lancaster Memorial School
54 Millville Street
Salem, NH 03079


  1. Reading: In school, we talk about the difference between working on reading and just reading. During our Reader’s Workshop in school, we work on reading. For homework, students are invited to just read. Please help your child build in 20 minutes of reading into their evening routine to enjoy a picture book, chapter book, a magazine article, an audiobook… the limits are endless! This homework will not be posted each night. It’s an ongoing expectation to build a strong reading life.. 

  2. ST Math: ST Math: We will NOT begin ST Math homework yet… more info coming soon!

  3. Math Application Problem: Most nights, students will be assigned an application problem in Google Classroom.They know to use the RDW strategy: Read, Draw, Write. They must answer the question in a complete sentence and be prepared to share how they solved the problem at school the next day. You and your child will know if there is a problem to complete by checking the upcoming work in Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Elementary students in Grades 2-5 will access Google Classroom with a district-issued username and password.