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Mythology Screencast Projects: Research Resources

Credo Source

Start your research with CREDO Source

This database helps you:

  • create search terms/keywords with the Mind Map feature  
  • find results in other databases

ebook - Virtual Reference Database


 SHS Library Database Passwords 

If you are logged into your nhsau57 account you'll be able to access the Google doc linked above.  Otherwise, please contact the library for assistance accessing the databases. 

Unlock by Gregor Cesnar used with permission of a Creative Common's license. 

Search Image Quest

Britannica Image Quest  - the MLA citation can be found underneath the image

Print Books

MLA Citation Elements of a Print Book

When citing sources your goal is to find as many elements of information to create a citation.  Use the common elements worksheet or NoodleTools express to create your citation paying attention to punctuation and formatting requirements.  Noted below are some common print book citations:

No Author
"Title of Chapter/Section." Title of Book, Contributor(s) to Book, vol. #PublisherYear, pp. #-#.

Book with one author:

Author Last, FirstTitle of BookPublisherYear.

Book with two authors:
Author Last Name, First and Author First LastTitle of BookPublisherYear.