Distance Learning



Daily Lessons


Please have your child complete the following lessons and activities today. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

There is so much to be thankful for! We are so thankful for all your support at home

-The Kindergarten Team

Please find directions for remote learning day HERE

Partners Help Each Other with Labels

Students will reread their storybooks, as they do each day. It will be nice to give students time to read and work with someone else at home, on the computer or over the phone. When they work with a partner, they can read the story the best they can and talk about the important things. Kids and their partners can also read and make more labels together! Partners can help each other hear more sounds in books. Students can divide the time of reading and writing alone and with partners. Students should have around 15- 20 minutes for each part. 

ACTIVITY: Find a favorite story book at home and use the stickys sent home to label different things in the story. Use a stuffy, brother, sisters, parents, etc. as your partner. 

Math: Complete Turkey Shape Craft

1. Color all parts

2. Cut out and glue

3. Count the shapes and record. 

Picture of completed craft

Don't forget to take brain breaks and have some quiet time!