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Mrs. Owens K and 1 Art Class: Kindergarten

Welcome to Art with Mrs. Owens

Kindergartener's will have art in their classroom for now, typically, though it would be held in an art room. We will still be able to learn the same art techniques and concepts, we will just be doing it a little bit differently. Kindergarten art is all about working on fine motor skills associated with creating art, building artistic confidence, exploring a variety of mediums and learning some basic drawing and painting techniques. We are going to have a ton of fun together in art!

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Remote Days Art Class - Kindergarten

Friday, April 9 - Remote Art Class

Hello Mrs. Wetherington's class!

I'm so glad you could join me for a remote art lesson today! We are going to read story together and then use our imaginations to do some drawing!

1. Watch the video linked below to hear the story, "The Night I Followed the Dog."

2. Get your art supplies: you will need a piece of drawing paper, a pencil, and any coloring materials you have. 

3. Maybe you have a dog or another animal at home, think about your pet or make up one from your imagination. What would your dog - or other pet - get up to after you go bed? Does she have a special place that she goes to like the dog in the story? Does she meet up with other animals to go on an adventure? Does she take over the house while you're asleep? Be creative, draw a detailed picture of what you would see if you followed your dog. If you have coloring supplies, be sure to color in your picture, and remember to add lots of details!

4. If you'd like, click on the link below to watch and follow along to a dog drawing video.

Have fun!!

Current Artwork

Kindergarten Hot Dogs and Cool Cats!


Aboriginal Australian Dot Paintings

Meet your art teacher

What we're doing in class

Week of 3/1 Recap:

We have started learning about patterns in art and practiced making line, shape, and color patterns inside some fish that we drew!

Week of 2/1 Recap:

We have been learning about the warm and cool color families. We learned how to draw a cat and a dog that we will be painting with these new color families soon.

Week of 1/25

The kindergarteners finished up their "Mouse Paint" by learning how to mix their primary watercolor paints to create secondary colors.

Week of 1/18 Recap:

Kindergarteners have begun our color unit! We have been talking about and working with primary colors and secondary colors. We read the book "Mouse Paint" and started creating our own.

Week of 11/30 Recap:

This week Ms. Gendreau's class and Mrs. Brown's class create the "dot" to their Aboriginal Australian dot paintings. They stamped with a q-tip to create the dots with paint onto their background. Mrs. B's and Mrs. Wetherington's class began a penguin directed drawing.

Week of 11/16 Recap:

Miss Gendreau's class completed their shape stamping, adding circle/oval stamps with paint to their shape artwork.

Mrs. Brown's class began learning about the dot paintings of the Aboriginal Australians. They created a background by cutting either lines or shapes and gluing them onto a colored piece of paper.

Mrs. B's and Mrs. Wetherington's class created their backgrounds last week and learned how to do their own version of a dot painting with a q-tip dipped in paint!

Week of 11/2 Recap:

Ms. Gendreau's class created abstract art by coloring in their line stamping.

Mrs. B's and Mrs. Wetherington's classes adding some circle stamping to their shape art by using a piece of a paper towel tube.

Mrs. Brown's class learned how to draw lions and horses.

Week of 10/26 Recap:

This week Ms. Gendreau's class began their line stamping, dipping a piece of cardboard into paint and stamping it onto our paper.

Mrs. Brown's and Mrs. Wetherington's class did some circle stamping with cardboard tubes tipped into paint, then stamped onto the shape art they made last week.

Mrs. B's class began their shape unit and colored, cut, and glued their shapes onto black paper.

Week of 10/19 Recap:

This week Mrs. Brown's and Mrs. Wetherington's classes began talking about shapes in art. We read part of a book, "When a Line Bends a Shape Begins" and colored in a variety of shapes. We then cut them out and glued them onto a background paper which we will continue working on next week. 

Mrs. B's class colored in their line stamping artwork from last week, creating a beautiful piece of abstract art. 

Ms. Gendreau's class finished up their line monsters.

Week of 10/13 Recap:

This week Mrs. Brown's and Mrs. Wetherington's classes applied color to their line stamping paintings that they created last week. We discussed a little more about how we created a piece of "abstract" art.

Mrs. B's class created their line stamping this week.

Week of 10/5 Recap:

Some kindergarten classes finished up their line monsters from last week, and they look amazing! The students did a great job cutting and gluing. 

Mrs. Brown's and Mrs. Wetherington's classes began experimenting with lines in a new way - they did line stamping with cardboard tools dipping in black paint to create lines and even shapes onto their paper.

Week of 9/28 Recap:

My Fisk class created beautiful line drawings, creating at least 5 different lines and then adding color.

My Barron classes took their line drawings from last week and transformed them into line monsters by coloring in, cutting, and then gluing on monster eyes, nose, mouth and horns. 

Week of 9/21 Recap:

My Fisk class learned about lines by meeting a special friend of mine and reading a book about lines. We then worked on our own line tracing.

By Barron classes continued our unit on lines by creating an abstract piece of artwork - drawing at least 5 lines on our paper and then adding color.

Week of 9/14 Recap:

I met my Monday Fisk class for the first time and loved learning a little bit about all my students through a self-portrait drawing.

My classes at Barron were introduced to my friend Larry the Line who helped us learn what a line is within art. We watched a great story, Lines that Wiggle, found many lines throughout our classrooms, and practiced tracing lines.

Week of 9/9 Recap:

I loved meeting all the new kindergarteners this week! We learned a little about what to expect in art class this year and then began our first project together. We learned what a self-portrait is and drew a simple one, drawing not only our face and/or body but also things that we love. These self-portraits will be saved until the end of the year, when we relook at them and see how far we've come.