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Seifert Performing Arts Center: END OF YEAR 2020 Events



SHS Performing Arts Senior Honors

Advanced Theatre: Mental Health: An Exploration

Message from Chris Bujold, Advanced Theatre Teacher:

"Every year in Advanced Theatre Study, students create “devised theatre” (theatre that is created from scratch with an ensemble). As is the case with any piece like this, things change. But nothing could have prepared us for a pandemic!

Generally, devised theatre involves some sort of social issue (although, not always), and this year we were on our way to creating a piece about mental health, a topic that really meant something to the students. We started in earnest, researching, gathering data, interviewing people--but we were struggling to find our voices, and couldn’t quite agree on what this piece actually was, and what it looked like. We had taken a positive turn, and were just starting to figure it out, and then remote learning happened. A setback, for sure.

Funnily enough, this was a blessing in disguise. The coronavirus, quarantine, social distancing, remote learning...We quickly realized that this whole situation in itself was taking a toll on our mental health (and, we were sure, other people’s as well). So we switched gears. We did some video diaries. Looked at art. Talked things out. Wrote monologues. Filmed ourselves. It was therapy, and our project became something different, and we embraced it. We roped in a TV Production student to edit all our footage, and here we are.

While not in front of a live audience, a key element of theatre, it is raw, emotional, and genuine. We, as theatre artists, are still figuring out what theatre looks like in a socially distant era, and this is our attempt at SOMETHING. You cannot stop artists from creating, even amidst a pandemic.

I’m incredibly proud of these students, for tackling some tough material, working through their own anxieties, and being thoughtful and reflective throughout. I hope you enjoy it. Link below.

Special thanks to Chris Hazel, TV Productions teacher and Nicole Burke, Director of Guidance."

Acting Workshop: Monologues!

Goodbye, Ms. Facendola!