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Seifert Performing Arts Center

Seifert Performing Arts Center: Audio


House Sound Audio

The Seifert Acoustics are exceptional and sound reinforcement may not be needed depending on your event.

The House System is made up of a Center Speaker above stage, with Left and Right Channel Speakers and a Sub on each side of the stage.  There are two Delays located mid house for the back section of seats.

House Audio runs with Dante over Ethernet.   Our mixer can be used at either COH or in the Control Booth.  You will not be able to patch into our house system without going through our Console or using your own board with Dante capabilities.   More speakers can be added by using the outputs on either side of stage.

A Powersafe Pro 200A Company Switch with Camlocks is available on stage left.  

The Dressing Rooms have a live house mix piped in through ceiling speakers. 

Sound Equipment Inventory

Mixer: Soundcraft Si Performer 3 with onboard EQ and Effects

              With 32 mono mic inputs and 8 line inputs

              *Can be controlled with an app on our iPad


            Center: EAW MK2326i

            Left and Right: EAW MK2394i

            Subs: EAW SB180

            Delays: EAW MK2396i

            Monitors: QSC K12 Active Speakers (3)


            Crown (2) DCi 4/1250, (1) DCi 2/600, (1) DCi 2/300

CD Player:  Tascam CD- 200iL

BluRay Player: Denon DN- 500BD


            (2) Shure Wired SM58s

            (2) Shure Wired SM57s

            (8) Shure ULXD2 Handhelds with SM58 capsules

            (20) Shure ULXD1 Bodypack Transmitters

(10) Shure MX150 Micro Lav Mics

            (8) Shure MX152T/O-TQG Earset Mics

            (2) Shure SM81 Cardioid Mics


(6) Wired Clearcoms can be used at various locations around the auditorium:

  • Two in Control Booth
  • One on either side of the Control Booth at the Followspot    positions
  • Center of House
  • Stage Right and Stage Left