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Seifert Performing Arts Center

Seifert Performing Arts Center: Lighting


Stage Lighting

Sensor3 120V UL Dimmer Rack

Lighting Console is an ETC Element 40/250.  Console can be controlled from Control Booth or Center of House

*Compatible with the ETC RFI app on our iPad

Stage Electrical Load is 400 amps max

Stage Lighting Equipment Inventory

Instrument Inventory Manufacturer/Type
Ellipsoidal   55  ETC Source 4
50-Degree Barrel 9 ETC
36-Degree Barrel 20 ETC
19-Degree Barrel 26 ETC
ColorSource Pars 15 ETC
Ovation Cyc Lights 8 Chauvet
Twofers 6 Stagepin
Followspot 1 Lycian 1250KB

House Lighting

The house lights are comprised of a variety of instruments, which can be controlled together or separately for special events.  House lights include Star light fixtures, Acoustic Cloud fixtures, Wall Sconces and Ramp lights. 

All House lights are LED and can be color controlled from the Element Console.