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Mrs. Paolino's Classroom: Crafts

Course Description

CRAFTS Course# 630, Grades 10-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter This quarter course is an introduction to the elements and principles of art as they apply to crafts. Students will have an opportunity to explore weaving techniques such as loom and off-loom weaving, bookbinding, and surface design techniques such as silk painting and needle work. All work is original, no kits are used. Students will be encouraged to develop creativity, selfexpression and good craftsmanship. Crafts is intended to be a beginning course in Art suitable for all students. For those planning to continue in Art, Crafts is intended to prepare students for Jewelry Design. Crafts may be taken three times for Credit. A Grade of B or better is required to repeat Crafts. Prerequisite: A Grade of C or better in Fine Art 1 or Design 1 to take Crafts.

Student Work