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Tobin - Parasites: Getting Started

Online Resource

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a great reliable resource for this project.  Besides using a database you can search your parasite at 

Remember - academic databases will provide you with a formatted MLA citation. Refer to those pages in this guide for any revisions needed to change it to MLA 8th ed. 

NoodleTools - is also available to help you create MLA citations, Works Cited pages, take notes and create outlines.  find tutorials on our help guide at

MLA 8th ed. Website Citations

MLA 8th Website Format:

Last Name, First Name.  "Title of Article." Title of the Website, Publication Date, URL. Date of Access.

Sample Citation: 

"Malaria".  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5 Oct. 2016,  17 Nov. 2017. 

Please note:

  • no authors were noted on the website so that element was not included
  • CDC could be listed as the author, but because they are also the title of the website I choose to not put them twice
  • publication date was found at the bottom of the article
  • remove the http:\\ from the citation