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8th Grade Position Paper: Technology

Resources to help teachers and students when writing their position paper.

Direct Database Links - Video Games

Violence in Video Games- SIRS Issues Researcher

Violent Video Games - Gale in context

Media Violence -  Gale in context

Keywords to use when searching:

Violence in video games

Video games

Media violence

Video game addiction

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Direct Database Links - Social Media

Social Media -  SIRS Issues Researcher

Social Media and Youths - Gale in context

Keywords to use when searching:

Online social networks

Social media

Teenagers, conduct of life

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Clips from Famous Speeches from 1933-2008

Direct Database Links - Smart Phones

Cell phones in School link   - SIRS Issues Researcher

Text Messaging - Gale in Context

Keywords to use when searching:

Smart phones

Text messaging

Effects of smart phones

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