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A World of Opportunity: Anything is Possible

Salem Pride is something you need to experience. We offer parents and students regular tours of our schools, programs, and facilities. Schedule an in-person tour today and discover for yourself why the Salem School District is an educated choice for your child.

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We recognize every student is an individual with a distinct learning style. That's why Salem School District designs and delivers flexible instruction plans. Teachers encourage students to discover and develop their own learning path through exploration and experimentation.

Armed with skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving, Salem graduates are prepared to succeed.

Collaborative Learning and Real-World Interactions
Students in the Business Management and Graphic Design courses engage in cross-class collaboration projects as an example of Salem's efforts to build "Real-Life" scenarios into the curriculum.

Conceptual Thinking and the Four "C's"
Students in the App Creators program at Woodbury Middle School are trained to look for opportunities when faced with obstacles. For eighth-grade student Vania Moniz, this thought process inspired her to develop a Creative Coloring App.

How to Create a Problem-Solver
Salem students are encouraged to explore problems, overcome obstacles, and learn from their mistakes. Just don't tell them they're learning math.

Space to Learn and Grow


Salem school design starts with the classroom. Flexible floor plans and modular furniture replace rigid seating rows. Open spaces allow for team collaboration and private study. Modern ventilation, sound dampening acoustics, and mobile technology support a healthy, focused learning environment. Clean, safe, secure spaces are the foundation for building productive learners.

Beyond the classroom, dedicated spaces for music, performing arts, athletics, and recreation allow students to explore their passions.

Building a Passion for STEM
Students in Salem schools lean creative problem-solving and collaboration skills as part of the STEM curriculum and robotics programs. John Seeman shares his passion for the process as the engineering instructor and robotics director at Salem High School.

Real-World Experience in TV/Media Production
The nerve center of Salem High School’s TV and Media Production studio is in the corner of the building above the 3 Seasons Café. At any given time, students may be live on air, recording voice-over sound, or cutting music into the latest cinematic production using state-of-the-art, industry-standard equipment.

Discover a Passion for Science
Salem High School's Biotech students are getting their hands dirty in the lab with real-world experiments, state-of-the-art equipment, and a passionate instructor.


Salem teachers empower students through their passion. They inspire creativity and confidence that leads to success in the classroom, on the field, or on the stage. Their contagious enthusiasm motivates students and develops curious learners hungry for knowledge.

Salem teachers create the spark that ignites a life-long passion for learning.

Exposing Students to a Broader World
Salem High School is proud to announce that Karen Cox has been named the 2020 New Hampshire World Language Teacher of the Year. Since 2000, Mrs. Cox has been an excellent, creative, and innovative world language teacher at Salem High.

The Science Behind CSI
Most of us get our understanding of forensic science from television dramas where crime scene investigators are portrayed closer to super heroes than scientists. But students in Aurora Merry's Forensic Science class know better.

Get to Know Woodbury 6th Grade Teacher Sarah McCready
Salem School District Media's regular series "Getting to Know You" has Assistant Superintendent Maura Palmer sitting down with Woodbury 6th Grade Teacher Sarah McCready.

An Argument for Writing
Ellen Tanguay encourages students to create an effective, evidence-based argument in her writing class. Not only will this create better writers and arguers, but it's an important life skill.

Beyond the Classroom


Before and after school activities -- art, music, drama, and athletics -- enrich creative thinking and collaboration skills. Maker spaces, computer labs, and culinary programs supplement classroom learning with practical, hands-on experiences.

Salem school programs provide opportunities for students to grow as learners through the pursuit of their passions.

Unified Sports Helping to Build School Spirit

When Dominic Martino takes to the court as part of Salem High School’s Unified Sports Basketball team this winter, his goal will be more than scoring points against the opponent. He’s there to support his team mates with intellectual disabilities as a Unified Student Partner and fellow athlete.


Esports and Gaming Club Brings Students Together
Esports are quickly gaining popularity for players and spectators alike. There are now four competitive Esports teams at the high school level in New Hampshire. Salem High School's team is in its second year featuring members of the school's Gaming Club.

Engineering a Process of Discovery
Fresh off a surprising win at the Southern New Hampshire District FIRST Robotics competition, John Seeman and the Salem High School robotics team are back at work. With the help of community mentors, the team is working out issues as they head into the regional competition.

Feeding a Passion for Learning
It's opening day for the 3 Seasons Restaurant and the first plate of food will soon be served. As Chef Bratz orchestrates students to their various cooking stations as the first customers arrive out front. It's about to get real.

The Origin of the Creative Mind
With all the emphasis on STEM skills, why are more and more employers looking to the arts for new workers? Salem offers a K-12 Performing Arts Program where students can let their creative juices flow.


There's something comforting about neighborhood schools. You feel it at the morning bus stop or in the pickup line at the end of the school day. You see it in a friendly nod or a welcoming gesture. Your school is part of the local community where gymnasiums and playgrounds often serve as hubs of local activities. Shared experiences reflect the character of Salem and its diverse ideas and talents.

Connections to friends and neighbors in a safe, familiar environment produce proud, confident, successful students.

Engineering a Process of Discovery
Fresh off a surprising win at the Southern New Hampshire District FIRST Robotics competition, John Seeman and the Salem High School robotics team are back at work. With the help of community mentors, the team is working out issues as they head into the regional competition.

Community Mentors Provide Opportunities
Salem High School students join in the annual Interview Challenge, a joint project between Salem High School’s Work-Based Learning Program and the Salem Chamber of Commerce Business/Education Collaborative group.

Giving Back to the Community
Whether it's the Holiday Cards for Heroes program or the End 68 Hours of Hunger project, Salem students are actively engaged in the local community.