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Woodbury P.O.W.E.R: Clubs & Activities

The POWER program is an after school activity program sponsored by the Salem School District.

The POWER program -- Positive Ongoing Woodbury Enrichment and Recreation
The POWER program is a free after school activity program for Woodbury students sponsored by the Salem School District.
Activities are typically held at the Woodbury School from 2:15 - 3:15 p.m., Monday - Wednesday and Fridays.


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If a class is missing on the registration page that means it is full and closed to new members

Registration is currently OPEN. Session 3 begins March 7th.

Academic Support Club

This club provides a quiet space to study that is actively supervised by a Woodbury teacher.  The club proctor is also able to provide academic support and guidance.  The club operates Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Space is limited so we ask students to commit to attending all three days of the club each week.

Kindness Club

Do you want to bring positivity and random acts of kindness to the Woodbury community?  If so, we have a club for you!  Bring your ideas, artistic talent, creativity, and most of all your kindness.  This club will meet Wednesdays from 2:15-3:15 with Mr. Golden and Marcia Murphy.

Sixth Grade Numbers Club

Numbers Club is for sixth grade students interested in math, solving problems, and thinking critically.  All students are welcome with all levels of mathematic skills and comfort.  This club is meant to explore math concepts beyond the classroom lessons through activities and friendly competitions.  The club will meet on Mondays with Miss Tatoyian and Miss Shaw.

Color Guard

Fun, friends, and flags!  Join us to to learn flag flips, twirls, and stunts with members of the Salem High Colorguard hosted here in Woodbury with Ms. Morgan. No experience is required and dancers are also welcome! This club meets on Tuesdays.

Anime Club Grades 7 and 8

Anime Club is for any seventh or eighth grade student who enjoys or wants to learn more about anime, manga, drawing, and games.  This welcoming group learns Japanese pop culture through use of media.  The club will meet on Wednesdays with Liz Remick.

Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club is Woodbury's LGBTQ+ and ally community meeting once a month on the 2nd Tuesday. The club will focus on creating a safe space, building community, and advocacy.  The club is hosted by Mrs. Rayho and Mrs. Thibodeau.  

Ukulele Club

Join Ms. Morgan on Wednesdays for Ukulele Club!  You will learn the basic cords and play along to some of your favorite songs.  Ukuleles will be provided as needed.  All levels of experience are welcome.

Back Yard Sports Grades 6 and 7

Join Mr Huebner for games inside and out pending the weather.  You'll have fun playing floor hockey, dodgeball, kickball and more.  Backyard sports will meet on Fridays.

Girls Who Code

This class is canceled for Session 3.

Girls Volleyball Club - Limited Dates


March 14th, 15th, and 16th ONLY3:30-5pm hosted at Salem High School.

Students can meet at SHS at 3:30 or walk over from Woodbury with club advisor Ms. Swiz. Players will also have a chance to workout with the SHS varsity coach and his players.  Parent pick up will be outside the Performing Arts Center at SHS.

Game Club

Join our new and improved Game Club on Tuesdays for all things gaming!  Play the classics such as Apples to Apples and new adventures like One Night Ultimate Werewolf.The club meets on Tuesdays with Ms. Hamel and Mr. Croteau.  It will be a great chance to play with your friends and meet new classmates.  New games will be added each week.