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Salem Preschool: Preschool Distance Learning

Early Literacy

Early Literacy

4 Year-Olds

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  • Your new letter of the week is R! Some activities to work on the letter R this week: 
  • Talk about the sound letter R makes and give your child a few words that start with R as an example.
  • Walk around your house with your child and find things that start with the letter R (Railing, Reeses, Rope, Rain Gutter)
  • Think of animals that start with R (Raccoon, Rat)
  • List some body parts that start with R ((w)rist, Right hand)
  • If you have shaving cream in the house, you can play on the kitchen table and draw the letter R
  • If you have playdoh, make the letter R out of playdoh. Then make items that start with R out of playdoh.
  • Make up some sentences with a word in it that starts with R, and have your child tell you which word they heard that starts with R. (Example: “I could really go for some ice cream!” “Let’s go on a Random adventure!” I love to eat Raspberries!”)
  • Go to and click the letter R for R activities.

Early Literacy

3 and 4 Year-Olds:

Write a song! We’ve worked a bit on rhyming, and we’ve gone through Nursery Rhymes, now let's write your own! Work together to come up with words that rhyme, and put them into your own little Nursery Rhyme! You might spend the day in the pool and write one about that experience, or maybe you spent the day riding your bike and you can write about that. You might talk about a family vacation you’ve taken before and write about that. Have fun with it! Pick a topic or experience, find some descriptive words about it, find some other words that write with those descriptive words, and put it together! If you’re feeling brave you can even record it and post it to your classes Facebook page!

Early Numeracy

Early Numeracy

Dear Friends,

I found this poem, on Pinterest, and wanted to share it with you.  Math is a part of your life, each and every day!   Please remember that Math is FUN!

Our class time together is soon coming to an end. This year was certainly a different year.  We needed to be apart for the last part of our school year, in order to stay safe and healthy.  However, we are strong and we preserved through this different school year together.  We worked on our math concepts in the classroom AND during our online activities.  We learned so much about how fun math can be!   

We counted how many friends were in our classroom during circle time and during our ZOOM calls.  We compared and contrasted the weather, discussing which kind of weather we had more of or less of.  We used a graph to compare and contrast our weather days.  We also used our graphing skills, when we needed to take a class vote to solve a classroom problem or make a class decision. Together we celebrated our friend’s birthdays and counted how old they turned.   We sorted toys, friends, and manipulatives together.  We measured, using our measuring tapes of how tall we were or how tall, long or short the structures we made in the classroom and the sizes of parts of our classroom.  We counted the days of the week and how many days in a month and how many months in a year.  We talked about, hunted for, discovered, extended, and created patterns.  We discovered the patterns in our own life and patterns all around us. We sang the I CAN make a pattern song!   We learned about shapes and their characteristics.  Do you remember our shape songs?  We also learned about distance and places when we played Ms. Marquis’ game,  “All around the room I look.”  One of the most important things we learned was how STRONG we are!  We learned that “It is ok when things are different because we learn something new    

For this week, I want you to think about how our school year and how some things were different and how things were the same.   Please share these ideas on our ZOOM call, draw a picture, or send me a photograph to my email.   Please remember Math is everywhere and Math is FUN!




Beach Ball Bop: Using a beach ball see how many times you can hit it up before it hits the ground.  Hit it back and forth with a friend.  Count how many times you can do this before it hits the ground.

Boat Races: Place toy boats in a water table or some type up a tub.  Blow the boats to push them across the water.  Which one will get to the other side first?  Have races with a friend.


Social Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning  Here students can health, science, reading/writing, social studies, math, arts & technology. Please see the Preschool

Password List for access.

Summer Talk: Talk about what makes you happy now that summer is here and what makes you sad that you will be done with school this year.

Paper Plate Emotion Masks: Cut some paper plates in half and put them on Popsicle sticks. Draw different emotional mouths on the different plates. Take turns with your child holding up different plates and talk about how that mouth makes you look. Does a smile mean you're happy? How about your mouth wide open? Could you change the way your eyes are looking to change an emotion? (Ex: mouth open emotion, if you made angry eyes you would look like you were yelling. But if your eyes were happy you could look excited!)

Craft Fun


Lemon Art: Cut a couple of lemons in half. Let them slightly dry.  Dip the lemons in the paint (you probably won’t need much paint). Then press the lemons onto paper.  Make designs. 

Paper Fans:  Fold the paper like an accordion, back and forth.  Decorate with stickers or markers.  Kids will love to “cool” off with their own fans. 

Sensory Fun

Sensory Play

Sponge Boats: You will need a sponge, straw, and paper for this activity. Cut a small hold in the middle of your sponge for your child. Have them stick the straw into the sponge. Have your child cut the paper into a triangle. You can talk about what a triangle looks like. How many sides does it have? Then make a small hole in on one point edge of the paper and in the middle of the bottom of the triangle. Help your child put the paper on the straw like a sail. Then take your boat to the water! Does your boat sink? Float? What happens if you blow on the sail? Can you make your boat move all-around in your water? 

Taste Testing: When doing your lemon art put a couple of slices to the side! Gather other fruits like orange and lime! Time for a taste test! How does each fruit taste? What kind of face do you make when trying the lemon and lime (sour)? Did the orange taste the same? Was it different? You could add other fruits as well such as strawberries, apples, raspberries, and grapes. You could sort the fruits by how they taste, sweet vs. sour.