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ParentSquare Staff Resource: Home

Getting Started

ParentSquare can be accessed via a common web portal or through a mobile app. All staff have been added to ParentSquare based on your Google NHSAU57 credentials.

Access ParentSquare:

Use to access on a computer or laptop.

  • App Download:

Scan the QR code for your device

Apple --

Android --

Log into Your Account:

To sign in, use your NHSAU57 Google username and password (both web and app).

View a step-by-step guide here...

Confirm Your Contact Information:

Upon login, you will be asked to verify/confirm your email and phone number are correct. This is a one-time process that will send codes to your phone and email ( email).

PRO TIP: Have your email account forwarded to your email box to consolidate messages in one location. Here's how...

Teacher Expectations for Fall 2023-24

Expectations for ParentSquare Use

Teachers should provide frequent and regular information to families, as appropriate, about their instructional programming in an effort to  engage families. Parentsquare is a tool to achieve this professional responsibility.  

ParentSquare Overview

General ParentSquare Overview (2:13)


Additional ParentSquare Informational Videos

OPTIONAL -- Summer Learning Opportunities

ParentSquare is offering a virtual Teacher Summer Camp. Activities will be sent to your inbox to do on your own time and live, Zoom event will be held at the end of the week for questions.

Two sessions are available:

  • July 31-August 4, 2023 

  • August 7-11, 2023

ParentSquare Help Links

ParentSquare has a well detailed help section.

Web Portal Help --
Login to your account and locate the "Question Mark" icon in the upper right corner.

Mobile App Help --
Use the menu icon to locate the "Help" button and "Help Topics".


Suggested Help Documents