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Remote Learning: Elementary

Elementary Virtual Classrooms

Students in grades K-5 will interact with teachers and students through classroom websites.

Grade-Level Classrooms

Google Classroom

Elementary students in Grades 2-5 will access Google Classroom with a district-issued username and password.

Elementary Remote Learning Town Hall Webinar

Wednesday, Nov. 4 



As parents of younger students, you play an important role in this remote school environment. By its very nature, remote learning requires computer skills beyond the capabilities of many students in this age range. The logistics of learning – typically handled in the classroom – are now added to your responsibilities.

However, you’re not alone. Your child’s teacher is your best source of support and guidance. Stay in communication and reach out for assistance. We’re adjusting our support services constantly to meet the needs of every student.

Classrooms and Technology

Every student will be issued their own Chromebook to access online learning sites and tools.

We are developing new remote learning websites for each grade level to provide students with access to learning resources and parents with weekly schedules and learning expectations. These will serve as the online classroom for K-1 students along with Zoom sessions. For students in grades 2-5, the sites will provide access to Google Classroom where the majority of instruction and assignments will be posted. Parents should look to these sites for daily or weekly updates.

Communication with Parents

Look to the "Parent Updates" blog on your teacher's website for daily or weekly notices detailing expectations to help you keep your student on track. We will also be rolling out new tools to support two-way text communication between parents and teachers. For parents of students using Google Classroom, you will receive an option to accept weekly email updates detailing student activity summaries.


The new schedule has been designed to prioritize small group instruction. The entire group will only meet for short periods each day. Students will spend their time as whole group receiving guidance and directions, while the rest of the day will include a combination of viewing online lessons, engaging in independent work, and meeting with their teacher in smaller groups to receive focused instruction and check for understanding.

Email Your School


A Typical Weekly Schedule


9:00 am
Morning Meeting  (Zoom)
9:15 am
Math Block
10:45 am
Flexible Time
11:30 am
Mid-Day Meeting (Zoom)
12:00 pm
Lunch/Free Time/Movement Break
12:45 pm
Reading/Writing Block
3:00 pm
Wrap Up Meeting (Zoom)


9:00 am — 3:00 pm
Activities will be tailored to individual student needs including small group Zoom sessions and independent work throughout the day on a flexible schedule.