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Remote Learning: Salem High School

SHS Virtual Classrooms

Students in grades 9-12 will interact with teachers and students through Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Salem High School students will access their scheduled courses via Google Classroom with a district-issued username and password.

High school students are typically independent learners skilled in the use of technology, but still the logistics of learning – typically handled in the classroom – will be more challenging.

However, you’re not alone. Your child’s teachers are your best source of support and guidance. Stay in communication and reach out for assistance. We’re adjusting our support services constantly to meet the needs of every student.

Classrooms and Technology

Each student will receive a school-issued device (Chromebook or laptop) to access their teacher Google Classroom websites and attend Zoom meetings. Students in grades 9-12 log in to this device using a school-issued Google username and password. This same information will provide access to their classroom.

Schedules, Assignments, and Office Hours

This fall, schedules for both in-school and remote learning will be the same. 

Your student will access a number of Google Classrooms specific to the four core subject areas along with any available elective courses. Many students have been working in Classroom for some time, thus, are familiar with the learning process. Yet others may be seeing this for the first time. Classrooms typically provide an activity "Stream" as your default view, listing teacher posts in a sequential manner. Clicking the "Classwork" view option will show content organized within topical categories.


The high school remote learning classes will follow the same format as our in-school classes.  Students are expected to be present for classes during designated times.

In-building and remote learners follow the same block schedule.

Block 1 7:30-8:57
Block 2 9:05-10:32
Block 3 10:40-12:10
Lunch 12:10-12:40
Block 4 12:46-2:15

Class Schedule-

  • A minimum of 30 minutes of interaction/direct instruction via Zoom with video at the beginning of class
  • Up to 45 minutes of individual or small group support, guided practice, assessments, or office hours.
  • Final check-in (formative assessment/exit slip) during last 15 minutes of class
  • Class schedule may change at teacher discretion

Wellness check completed during block 1 every Wednesday (one week Blue class, one week White class).  Wellness check is a tool to be used for all students to monitor their mental wellness.

All changes to the calendar, including Early Release, Delayed Openings, and snow days will be reflected in both the remote and in-person environment.