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Welcome to Woodbury Physical Education Online,

During this course you will have your own self-paced activities that you will have access to at all times.  We hope that you utilize these as a part of your daily goal of getting 60 minutes of physical activity.  This is recommended by both state and national physical education associations.  The activities reach to hit all the different areas of both fitness and sport related skills.  They are most great when done with us on video, but even better when you find a sibling or family member to participate in them with you.  In the end we hope that you are staying active and can find these activities as a fun activity break throughout your day.  Try to do something that involves movement, even if it is getting up to stretch at least once every hour if you are sitting for a lot throughout your day.

We miss you.  Be sure to stay active throughout your day to take care of both your mind and body. 

If you need any additional information you can reach out as we are here for you!

-Mr. Shaw, Ms. Swiz and Mr. V

Mr. Valcich

Distance Learning Activities - Click on the link below to visit the Interactive Field Day Map