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Salem School Renovation Projects: Track & Field Project

Our track and field repair project has been underway for two months and much progress has been made.  Nonetheless, it appears more and more likely that a final track finish will not be applied this fall.  All other project components will be completed, but the final surface coat will most likely be delayed.

The sod is scheduled to be placed on Wednesday, September 25.  New goalposts have been installed.  The timing will ensure a Grant Field schedule for fall, 2020 to benefit the athletic and band programs.  Track paving is scheduled for the week of Monday, September 30.  Due to cure time for the asphalt, it will be the end of October or early November before a finish coat can be applied. Air temperatures will not be ideal at that time.  More likely, the finish surface will be applied in mid to late June, 2020.  Therefore, the new track facility will not be available until the spring, 2021 track season.

A trench drain was installed at the field perimeter and anchors were placed to accommodate an eventual synthetic turf field.  With limited town playing surfaces, a synthetic field will open opportunities for much more playing time.  Conditions of the entire original drainage system were so poor that all new pipes have been installed, and improvements should be noticeable immediately.  Additionally, all new electrical conduit has been installed at the proper code depth, including work that will allow operation of a new scoreboard for the varsity soccer field.

When finished, the track and the field will be significant exceptional facilities for the school district and our students.

Video Flyover


The surface is almost reacy for sod and track asphalt.

Arial view after the field turf is removed.

Arial view of initial track demolition.