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Woodbury Renovation Project: Financial Impact

Possible Options Considered

The school board underwent a rigorous and thoughtful process to examine the current needs and consider a variety of possible solutions.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Continuing the process of applying band-aids to the structure will cost taxpayers nearly as much as the renovation project -- without any academic or student benefits. Considering the conditions of current mechanical systems, leaking roofs, and cracking floors, it's only a matter of time before these costs become a reality.

A Complete Rebuild

While tearing the current building down and starting over might seem like a better option, the cost and disruption to students would be significantly higher. 

A Responsible Solution

The proposed Woodbury Renovation Project minimizes costs and student disruption by reusing existing areas, repairing those that can be saved, and rebuilding areas that are no longer safe.

Tax Impact

The project will be paid for through a 20-year-bond that will spread the cost over time as opposed to having to add expensive repair costs to the district's annual operating budget. For a Salem taxpayer with a home valued at $300,000, the highest annual tax impact is estimated at $179.81.

A Proven History of Coming In Under Budget

Successful Track Record

With a history of honest and transparent estimates, the design and construction team has a proven capability of completing the elementary and high school projects on time and under budget.