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Salem School Renovation Projects: Woodbury Renovation

Woodbury Reimagined

Project Update

The Salem School Board reviewed a presentation by the Woodbury Reconstruction Project committee at its regular August meeting. The committee -- comprised of architects, designers, and construction officials -- was charged with investigating the current facility and meeting with staff/students to identify problem areas, discuss areas of instructional need, and assess existing school conditions. As part of the process, they also provided some conceptual designs proposing solutions to identified issues.

Planned Implementation

Thoughtful, Phased Plan

The project committee suggests an 8-phase timeline over two years that offers immediate benefits and minimized impact on instruction.

Phased Plan

  • Educational quality and student safety will be maintained throughout construction.
  • Multi-phased construction and financing plan to lessen impact on community.

Comprehensive Approach

  • The project will address long-range needs as well as immediate issues.
  • Positive impacts will be realized early in the construction process.

Proposed Solutions

Renovations and New Construction

The proposed solution seeks to renovate areas that are structurally sound, demolish areas with failing systems, and build new spaces to expand academic opportunities.

New Construction Areas

The proposed solution includes new construction to address safety and security issues -- including relocating the gym to the front of the school enabling a locked separation between community events and the rest of the school.

Projected Phased Timeline (June 2021 thru Dec 2023)

1 -- June 2021 thru Aug 2022
2 -- June 2021 thru Dec 2021
3 -- Jan 2022 thru July 2022
4 -- June 2022 thru Aug 2023
5 -- Dec 2021 thru Nov 2022
6 -- Dec 2022 thru Aug 2023
7 -- June 2023 thru Dec 2023
8 -- June 2023 thru Dec 2023

Results of Committee Investigation

Safety, Security, & Compliance

One of the driving forces behind the need to renovate the Woodbury building is the facilities failure to meet current safety and security standards. The identified issues included:

  • A safer, more secure entry to the building.
  • Improved sight lines throughout the building.
  • Reduced need for street crossings for students and staff.
  • A fire suppression system throughout the building.
  • Improved accessibility.
  • Removal of existing asbestos.

Failing Building Systems

Existing mechanical, electrical, and structural systems are failing and are beyond their useful life expectancy. These include:

  • Mechanical systems. 
  • Electrical system.
  • Roofing systems.
  • Interior finishes
  • Exterior windows and doors.

Educational/Curriculum Needs

  • Expanded science and technical areas.
  • Technology integration.
  • Modernized learning and collaboration areas.
  • Expanded unified arts spaces.
  • Expanded performing arts opportunities.
  • Improved students services areas.