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Spring 2023

Sports Registration is OPEN!  

Reminder - ONLY the parent/guardian can register. NO students should enter on ArbiterSports (formally FamilyID) for any season. 

If you've registered on ArbiterSports in the past, you do NOT have to re-enter all the data.  After you've logged in under SPRING 2022-23, scroll to the drop-down under  "participant" and find your childs name.  Update any data that may have changed from previous seasons (ie medical, emergency # etc).

NOTE: Each school year requires a new sports physical dated after June 1st of that year.  ALL physicals for the 2022-2023 season MUST be dated after 6/1/22.   

In order to play sports, all of the following steps need to be completed BEFORE the 1st day of tryouts/practice:

  1. Your student must be registered on ArbiterSports
  2. Your student must have his/her physical (dated after June 1, 2022) on file by either uploading it to ArbiterSports, mailed to SHS-Athletics, drop it off at the Athletic office or email/fax to or - 603-893-7084 FAX.

SHS Athletic Highlights

Spring Sports Registration is OPEN!

Click here for Spring Schedules

All home games will be live streamed via the link below.

SHS Home Games

NOTE: The link will go live just before the game starts.

SHS Athletics Facebook Page

Check out our Facebook page for score alerts and schedules.

Salem School Television

Please park at Salem High School for events.
Bus drop off's below.


Any athlete who is late to school or is dismissed due to an in-person or virtual medical appt. (includes doc/dent/couns/eye dr/dermatology etc) must provide a note from the appt. that states "cleared for sports" (or lists any restrictions) in order to play/practice that day.  This can also be fax to our office 603-893-7084 or emailed/scanned to

Mr. Insinga OR

Melissa Durkin

Grant Track and Field 

Please remember no dogs, bikes etc 



Don't miss out on athletic scholarships!  You should be checking your Naviance often as things are always being added.

  • What if I don't want to do sports in college, can I still apply? 
    • YES- Most scholarships don't have requirements that you play in college.
  • What if I only played sports when I was young and I didn't play in high school, can I still apply? 
    • YES- Many of the youth association scholarships are given to anyone who played in the youth leagues for at least 1 season, regardless of whether you played in high school or not.
  • I won't get it, everyone else is applying for it right?
    • WRONG-You would be surprised at how many scholarships are not given out as kids don't apply for them.  Wasted money.....
  • The $ given out for a scholarship isn't worth filling out the paperwork right?
    • WRONG!!!!  Surf the web, look at any college/trades schools store and view prices of 1 book for any class you are interested in.  Some are very reasonable, but you'll see some that are $100, $200, $300+ for 1 book for 1 class!  So YES, it's worth a little bit of work to get any $ from a scholarship.  

2022-23 Start Dates from NHIAA

Click on the link posted all year on the right under "ATHLETIC LINKS"
Dates sometimes change so please check throughout the year.


NO food or drinks allowed in the gyms at any time  (bottled water ok). 









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