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Salem High School: Graduation 2020

Graduation 2020

Friday, June 5 drive-up celebration of Salem High School's graduating senior class.

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Senior Schedule

May 26-29: Scheduled Pickup Times

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Return Obligation Items
All seniors graduating through day school have been assigned a date and time to return obligations.We are scheduling students so we can limit the number of people in the building at one time.  All students should drive around to the back staff parking lot.  You will be directed to enter the Big Gym.  There, items will be checked to ensure all obligations have been cleared. If you borrowed a Salem School District computer or hot spot for distance learning, you should return it when you are scheduled to return your other obligations.

Collect Cap/Gowns
Seniors will be able to pick up caps and gowns at Salem High School. We have a lengthy list of items to get into the hands of seniors before you leave us.  You will receive all items owed to you at the same time you return obligation.  Once obligations are cleared you will be directed to the opposite end of the Big Gym where you will receive all items owed to you.

June 2: Last Day of Classes (Seniors)
No students will take final exams this year.

June 5: Drive-Up Graduation

View ceremony online...

Graduation Day (June 5, 2020)

3:00 pm -- Virtual Commencement Address

At 3:00 pm, Salem School District Media will begin streaming pre-recorded commencement addresses and speeches. This will be streamed on social media and recorded as part of the graduation ceremony video available after the event.


3:45 pm -- Students Meet at Elementary Schools

Students are scheduled to arrive in a single vehicle at the elementary school they attended beginning at 3:45 pm on Friday, June 5. Arrival times are staggered to assure staggered arrival at SHS. Those who did not attend elementary school in Salem have been assigned a school.

Student list with school and arrival times.

Routes and departure times from elementary schools to SHS.

Please do not switch elementary schools.  Staff at each elementary school will be expecting a certain number of vehicles.  Also, diplomas are being organized by elementary school making it easier to distribute. You do not need to be in any particular order when you line up in your vehicle at the elementary schools.  All graduates will be given an index card with their name on it.  The cards will be color coded to identify which Dean--Dennis or Pioccone--will be saying your name.  As you enter the Salem High School student lot, staff will be collecting the index cards.  It is important that once you are in line, you stay in line until you cross the stage.

If you do not have access to a vehicle, contact Mrs. Collyer at and arrangements will be made to provide a ride.


5:00 pm -- Drive-Up Graduation


Graduation ceremonies at the Salem High School will begin at 5:00 pm, June 5. Geremonty Drive will be closed to regular traffic and Salem Police will be managing traffic flow through the student parking area to prevent traffic issues on Main Street.

Graduation Traffic Flow Graphic

Vehicle rules and restrictions:

  • One vehicle per senior.  We have 300 graduates and we cannot allow multiple cars for graduates.
  • The graduate can choose which family members are in the vehicle.
  • Only the graduate will exit the vehicle when it is their time to walk across the stage.  No family members can get out of the vehicle.  We will have a professional photographer taking pictures.
  • Graduates should ride on the passenger side of vehicle, closest to the stage.
  • No limousines, trailers, or extra-large trucks.
  • Make sure your gas tank is full.

Dean Dennis and Dean Pioccone will announce your names and Principal Collyer will hand students their diplomas. Clix photography will take a photo of the student and they will exit the stage and return to their vehicle. Vehicles will depart the high school and exit south on Geremonty Drive toward the Field of Dreams.