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Salem High School: Nurse's Office

SHS Nurse's Office


If any student is having symptoms while in school, parents will be contacted by the Nurse Office.  Students will be dismissed and told to isolate for 10 days from when their symptoms started, per Dept. of Public Health Guidelines.  We encourage them to see their doctor and get a COVID test.  If that test is negative and their symptoms are resolved, they may come back to school earlier than 10 days with proper documentation.

We are asking anyone that is returning to school from isolation or quarantine to check in with the Nurse’s Office located in Room F741 the morning they return.

In the event of a positive COVID test, the student will be out for at least 10 days AND until their symptoms are gone.  We will work closely with the NH Department of Public Health to perform contact tracing if that individual was on school grounds.  Parents of students who were close contacts to a positive case will be notified by the health official from the DHHS.  “Close contact” is defined by a person who is within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes, and will be traced from 2 days before symptom onset or positive test result.


We are happy to welcome students back! It is such a privilege for all of us to be here this year, and there are going to be a few KEY things that will help keep us in school for the year.

While we are not screening every student upon entering the building, we do ask that parents screen their child each morning prior to sending them to school.  If your child has any new or unexplained symptoms (see Parent Guide) we ask that you keep them home and notify the nurses directly at (603) 893-7070 x5323 or call the Main Office Attendance Line at (603) 893-7070 and leave a detailed message describing any symptoms.  In order for us all to remain in school and continue with sports we ALL need to work together and keep numbers down in our community.

Social distancing while in school is difficult, but there are other ways students can protect themselves.  Following our mask-wearing and handwashing guidelines will go a long way in protecting everyone.  If students do not have their mask on and are behind the desk shields, they should maintain at least a 3-foot distance from those surrounding them, and face directly into those desk/table shields when taking a break.


A 14-day quarantine is indicated under two circumstances:

  1. When you have traveled outside New England
  2. When you have been in close contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19

You cannot “test out” of a 14-day quarantine.  The reason for this is that you may test positive anywhere from 2-14 days after exposure to the virus.  For example, you might test negative on Day 8, return to school, but develop symptoms and test positive on Day 10, thereby exposing everyone between Days 8-10.  The likelihood of testing positive from the same exposure after day 14 is low, so we would welcome your child back to school after 14 days.  Please have them visit the Nurse Office (F741) the morning of their return.


Please communicate with the Nurse Office if your child has a preexisting condition that could mimic any COVID symptom (see Parent Guide link below).  Headache ALONE does not necessitate a 10-day isolation.  Any other single COVID-related symptom will require further assessment and collaboration with parent.

Only “New or Unexplained” onset of symptoms will warrant dismissal so if there is an explanation for symptoms and it can be managed at school, they are allowed to stay as long as we are notified.  You may contact the Nurse Office anytime to provide this information.


We are working closely with the NH Department of Public Health and closely monitoring illnesses and absences.  We ask that you do your part to help us stay in school this year.  Stay home if you have symptoms, wear masks and practice proper handwashing, and follow isolation and quarantine guidelines as needed.  Please see the Resources section below for more information, and do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions.


Amy Williams, RN
Adrienne Haglin, RN
Jameson Jablonski, LNA


SHS Nurse Office:
(603) 893-7070 x5323  fax: (603) 898-0213


SHS Main Office:
(603) 893-7070

Additional Resources: