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Soule: Classrooms & Curriculum

Your 2018-19 Soule School teachers and staff represent a blend of fresh ideas and time-tested experience as you can see from the years of service displayed in the photo above. 


Christine Augusta (Rm 104)

Charlene Petty (Rm 105)

Grade 1

Kristen Dacey (Rm 126)

Miranda Alfaro (Rm 128)

Additional Resources

Grade 2

Grade 3

Amy Jasperson (Rm 135)

Ashley Hildebrandt (Rm 133)

Unified Arts Programs

Grade 4

Kathleen Pappalardo (Rm 153)

Gina Tighe (Rm 151)

Leslie Cucolo (Rm 134)

Grade 5

Heather Aldrich (Rm 154)

Karen Verry (Rm 152)