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Soule: Grades K-2

K-2 Distance Learning

We Can Help

Email your teacher or other school service providers to get assistance and support.


Classroom Websites


Christine Augusta
Charlene Petty

Grade 1

Kristen Dacey
Miranda Alfaro

Grade 2

Kellie Annicelli
Alexa Splagounias

Teacher sites are password-protected for student privacy.



As parents of younger students, you play an important role in this remote school environment. By its very nature, Distance learning requires computer skills beyond the capabilities of many students in this age range. The logistics of learning – typically handled in the classroom – are now added to your responsibilities.

However, you’re not alone. Your child’s teacher is your best source of support and guidance. Stay in communication and reach out for assistance. We’re adjusting our support services constantly to meet the needs of every student.

Classrooms and Technology

Each student will receive a school-issued device (Chromebook or laptop) to access their teacher’s website and attend Zoom meetings. Most students will use a school-wide, common username/password is used to log on to the computer and each teacher website has a separate password to protect student privacy. Select second grade students have personal logins and access Google Classroom websites.

Schedules, Lessons, and Office Hours

Distance Learning is intentionally flexible and is designed to work around your schedule. Generally, teacher sites will include the following:

  • Guidance on daily/weekly schedules and regular messages from the teacher.
  • Activities/Lessons listed within weekly tabs.
  • Tabs that link to Art, Music, PE and Support Service websites.
  • Scheduled days for individual Zoom conferences with your teacher.
  • Defined office hours when your teacher will be available to respond to your emails.

Distance Learning
Support Services

Content Areas & Support

Elementary Math/STEM

Computer/Technical Help

Phone: 603-893-7069 x5700
Web: Click here...

Free Breakfast/Lunch

Free breakfast and lunch meals are available for pickup or delivery on Mondays and Wednesdays. For more details and to order your meals, visit the food service site...