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Summer Enrichment Program: Let's Get Reading!


Let's Get Reading!  

For students completing grades 7-10

Course Description

Students will work on building their executive functioning skills such as time management, organizing, and prioritizing, which they can apply to all subject areas and their post-secondary goals. Students will apply the executive functioning skills to their required summer reading skills. This will make the program both meaningful and skill-building. Please bring your summer reading book to each class. Our first and last class will meet in person; all other classes will meet remotely.


Book, Rack, Shelf, Furniture, Design, Wooden, Library


Dates:  14 classes: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, June 27-July 29 (no class on July 4)

Time:  8:00 am-10:00 am

Location:  First class on June 27 and last class on July 29 meet in person at Salem High School.  All other classes meet remotely - Zoom

Instructor:  Melissa Trombly

Tuition:  $45.00

Limit:  Limited to 30 students

Online Registration

1)   To register:  submit the online registration form or call Continuing Education at 603-893-7074.

2) Registration is not confirmed until the registration form is submitted and payment is received.