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Summer Enrichment Program: Running Club

Running Club

Grades 3-5

Course Description

Get up and go this summer!  This 4-week running club will promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle!  This class will inspire students to be excited about a physical activity by introducing them to the basic skills of running. We will all go at our own pace and learn the essentials while having a great time.  Limited to 20 students. 
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8 classes: Tuesday and Thursday, July 6-29     

FILLED.  Please submit a registration for the wait list.  

Time: 9:00-10:00 am

Location: Salem High School

Instructors: Andrea Desmarais and Spencer Shaw

Online Registration

1)   To register:  submit the online registration form or call Continuing Education at 603-893-7074.

2) Registration is not confirmed until the registration form is submitted.