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Summer Enrichment Program: Science of Baking

Science of Baking

Grades 10-12

Course Description

Welcome to the science of baking where you’ll learn the fundamental skills necessary to become a successful home baker. Students will learn how ingredients interact with each other, and why baking is a science.  Each class will focus on a different baked good that may include yeast breads, custards, summer fruit tarts, and more. Students will be working with the chef in the state-of-the-art commercial culinary kitchen at Salem Career Technical Center, and will be expected to maintain the kitchen at the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Limited to 8 students. 

Bread Loaf Food - Free image on Pixabay




4 classes: Monday through Thursday, July 19-22   

FILLED.  Please submit a registration for the wait list.  

Time:  2:00-5:30 pm

Location:  Salem High School

Instructor:  Jeff Bratz



1) Submit the online registration form

2) Registration is not confirmed until the registration form is submitted.