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SHS Reads: Intro

Links to summer reading requirements and other resources to promote reading.

Did you know that you can still check out books from SHS over the summer.  Visit our e-book/audiobook page to learn more at

Student Book-club!

Interested in participating in a student book club next fall?  Join the SHS Bookclub Google Classroom group using code bbmdpw to get notified of new book arrivals and provide feedback on club meeting times.  




Google Classroom Codes

If your class is listed below please make sure you are member of the Google Classroom.


Class Teacher(s) Google Classroom Code
English 9 Regular and Honors All Sections brq26gz
English 10 Regular and Honors All Sections uq6gtqv
Honors Comp All Sections  j3lsza7
College Prep Comp All Section s7iclxw
Honors American Literature Thiele ruik6zo
AP Lang Olkovikas