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SHS Reads: AP Lit and Comp

Links to summer reading requirements and other resources to promote reading.

Summer Letter

A.P. English Literature and Composition Summer Reading Assignments

1) Read How to Read Literature Like a Professor - Print copies available in the library

​Please stop by the library to obtain a copy of this book. Read through this text thoroughly, creating a summarized guide for yourself in a Google Document. The guide should summarize each chapter of the text and include important information from each chapter. You should take notes on things that you think are important or new information that you are gathering. This guide will help you reference this text throughout the year while reading works of literature. 

2)  Book Analysis Paper - some print options available in the SHS library

Select one novel from this list and read it over the summer.  You will then be writing an analytical paper about the book. Remember that an analysis is not a plot summary.  For this essay you should focus on characterization: How does the way these characters are conveyed help to reveal a theme? Feel free to reference How to Read Literature Like a Professor when analyzing the character. Organize your thoughts into a clear thesis and be sure to include three properly cited quotations and a Works Cited page.  Your paper should be around 1,2000-1,500 words in length, which usually works out to 5-7 pages. One important thing to keep in mind is that you should not be following the traditional "5 paragraph essay." You should play around with structure and paragraphing. 

3) The College Essay

We will be spending some class time in writing workshops to assist you with your college essay.  To that end, in late September you will submit a college essay to me. You will find sample questions on any college application form; during this workshop you will choose one for yourself.  You should try to write an essay that captures the “real you” on the page, and we will complete some activities in class that will assist you with this.

You can ease some of your apprehension about college decisions by planning to visit a few campuses this summer.  If you can arrange interviews while you are there, you will have that much less to deal with in the fall. 

Have a great summer!


2021 Google Classroom Code: sm622yp

AP Cart

Available print books have been pulled and are available to check-out for the summer.