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SHS Reads: 10th Grade

Links to summer reading requirements and other resources to promote reading.


Please note that students taking Honors English 10 must complete two assignments as noted below. 

College Prep & Honors English 10 Independent Reading Book

Complete by June 10: Complete no later than July 22: Complete no later than August 25: First Day of
English Class

1 - Review Assignment

1 - Read at least half of your summer book 1 - Finish reading book Bring completed paper bookmark 
2 - Click here to join Google Classroom  2 - Submit second check-in on Google Classroom 2 - Complete book review in Google Classroom Return your book to the library
3 - Submit First Check-in after obtaining your book. 

Lose your bookmark?  Click here for a printable document.  
Visit the FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Honors English To Kill a Mockingbird Assignment

Review the assignment for students enrolled in honors English 10.


Click here for the document to record the passages and your responses. 


You will submit your completed assignment on the first day of English class.


While you read, use the bookmark to track possible research topics.  During the research unit you will formulate a research question that in some way relates to your summer reading book that you find interesting.  

For example, a student who reads The Fault In Our Stars by John Green may choose to research pediatric cancer and one who reads a biography of Bill Belichick may choose to research the history of the NFL.   

Sample Book-Mark