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Talbott 2022-23: Welcome and Basic Information

Social Studies Teacher Beth Talbott

Pep Talk


Returning to School


Upcoming Important Dates:

February 25- March 5 - February Break

March 14 - Town Election - Please support the school budget.

March 18 - Make A Wish Dinner 6PM

March 22 - PSAT and SAT

April 6 - Early Release

April 14-15 - Night of One Act Plays 7PM

April 22- April 30 - April Vacation









For all of my classes I ask that students have the following supplies:

I ask that all of my students have something to write with each day and a notebook for this class only. I would also ask that they have a folder - 2 pocket  - to keep important materials in for this class only.


1. Make sure your Chrome Book is ready to go and with you EVERY day. Charged and also bring your charger to class in case you forgot to charge at home.

2. Come to class ready to learn.

3. Be respectful to others - teachers, classmates, and other adults in the class.

4. If you need help, ask for it. Send and email or stop by and see me.