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Salem High School Website

Salem High School Teacher Sites: SHS Teacher Websites

Freshman Teams

Freshman Teams
Team Teacher Subject Website Twitter
1 Courtney Andrews Math  
1 Laura Preston Science  
1 Anne Jennison Social Studies  
2 Heith Vierow Math   @HeithVierow
2 Beth Talbott Social Studies  

Catherine Megan

English @ms_meegs 
3 Diane Griffin Math *  
3 Kara Christensen Science *  
3 Will Ford English *  
3 Lauren Carney Social Studies *  
4 Tom Polte Science  
4 Jordan Sjostrom English *  
  Freshman Study Skills Seminar  
  * Login required (see teacher)

High School Teacher Sites

Teacher Subject Website Twitter
Christopher Bujold English  
Norma Bursaw    Science  
Honors Biology 1  
Honors Biology 2  
Karen Desjadon English  
Gary Duranko Science  
Mark Hilner Science  
Rachel Hopkins Library  
Curt Killion CTE  
Beth Latham Social Studies  
Danielle MacDonald Math  
Jennifer Monterrosa Spanish  
Lauren Peithmann   Music
Thomas Pelletier CTE  
Bonnie Saulnier Science  
Sachs Social Studies  
Lori Tanguay Honors Chemistry  
Lori Tanguay   College Prep Chemistry
Kim Tecce Math