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Ms. Tecce's Math Classes: 2019-2020 AP Statistics

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AP Statistics


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Graded Quick Check on Histograms Friday, 9/6

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Chapter 1 - Exploring Data

Topics in Chapter 1 - Exploring Data

  • Classify variables as categorical or quantitative.
  • Display categorical data with a bar graph. Decide if it would be appropriate to make a pie chart.
  • Identify what makes some graphs of categorical data deceptive.
  • Calculate and display the marginal distribution of a categorical variable from a two-way table.
  • Calculate and display the conditional distribution of a categorical variable for a particular value of the other categorical variable in a two-way table.
  • Describe the association between two categorical variables by comparing appropriate conditional distributions.
  • Make and interpret dotplots and stemplots of quantitative data.
  • Describe the overall pattern (shape, center, and spread) of a distribution and identify any major departures from the pattern (outliers).
  • Identify the shape of a distribution from a graph as roughly symmetric or skewed.
  • Make and interpret histograms of quantitative data.
  • Compare distributions of quantitative data using dotplots, stemplots, or histograms.
  • Calculate measures of center (mean, median).
  • Calculate and interpret measures of spread (range, IQR, standard deviation).
  • Choose the most appropriate measure of center and spread in a given setting.
  • Identify outliers using the 1.5 x IQR rule.
  • Make and interpret boxplots of quantitative data.
  • Use appropriate graphs and numerical summaries to compare distributions of quantitative variables.


**All bold concepts have already been covered in class.


**You are expected to be able to answer ALL problems in the textbook (not just those assigned).  Use the unassigned problems as practice for the test.


Study Recommendations:

  • Reread the textbook Ch1 (if it's in the textbook, you are responsible for it)
  • Make a reference sheet for Ch1 (one sheet of paper with all facts covered in Ch1)
  • Do lots of practice problems (do ALL of the problems and examples in Ch1... see Ms. Tecce for correct answers to evens)
  • Watch videos and try exercises on Khan Academy that are relevant to our topics