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Ms. Tecce's Math Classes: 2019-2020 Geometry Concepts

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Geometry Concepts

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GC Unit 1 - Basics of Geometry

Unit 1 Topics - Basics of Geometry

  • Graph points, lines, segments, and polygons on a coordinate plane
  • Name a point
  • Name a line (using both methods)
  • Name a plane (using both methods)
  • Draw a model given a description
  • Understand and apply vocabulary including collinear, between, coplanar, noncollinear, noncoplanar, and intersect
  • Write a conditional statement in if-then form
  • Determine if a statement if true or false.
  • Give a counterexample to prove that a statement is false.
  • Use deductive reasoning to determine the truth value of a statement
  • Draw a Venn diagram to represent a conditional statement
  • Use inductive reasoning to make a conjecture about the next item in a sequence

**All bold concepts have already been covered in class.

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