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Ms. Tecce's Math Classes: 2019-2020 Statistics & Probability

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Statistics & Probability


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Stats & Prob - Unit 1 Displaying Data

Unit 1 – Data Displays (Ch1 + Ch2)

  • Identify the individual and variable
  • Determine whether data is categorical, discrete numerical, or continuous numerical
  • Read and construct the following data displays for categorical data ...
    • frequency distribution (aka frequency table) / relative frequency distribution
    • bar graph
    • segmented bar graph
    • pie graph (aka circle graph)
    • marginal distribution
    • conditional distribution
  • Read and construct the following data displays for numerical data ...
    • dotplot
    • stem and leaf plot
    • back-to-back stem and leaf plot
    • scatterplot / line graph
    • frequency distribution / relative frequency distribution
    • histogram
    • ogive
    • cumulative frequency distribution
  • Critique a graph and determine whether it is misleading
  • Use a graphing calculator and/or spreadsheet to create a data display
  • Determine whether there is an association between two categorical variables
  • Use your graphing calculator to store a list of data
  • Describe a data distribution using the following terms...
    • skewed right, skewed left
    • uniform
    • bimodal
    • symmetric
  • Describe the shape of a distribution (symmetric, unimodal, bimodal, right skewed, left skewed, or uniform) 
  • Calculate the probability of an event given various data displays

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