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Technology Teaching and Learning Commons: Common Sense Rules

Common Sense Rules Poster

Online Manners

1.    Be kind

2.    Be polite

3.    Think before you write, click, or send

4.    Treat Everyone with Respect

Protecting Your Personal Information

1.    Never give out your personal information - address, phone number, email, birth date, or pictures of yourself

2.    Tell a trusted adult if anything online makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe

3.    Only visit websites that you know are safe, secure, and age-appropriate

4.    Beware of fill out forms or pop-up boxes you find online - especially when they ask for personal information

5.    Be Responsible with your actions

Online Communication

1.    Never talk to strangers

2.    Never respond to cyber bullies

3.    Never agree to meet someone you don't know

4.    Use emoticons when texting to show what you mean

5.    Never use all capital letters. This seems like you are SHOUTING

6.    Be safe with your choices

Logging Out

1.   Always log out of online accounts and school/personal computers... someone could pretend to be you!