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Title I: Title One Important Information

Families Make A Huge Difference

Growing as a reader requires practice both in the classroom and at home. Reading and discussing books with your child at home is just as important as the work we do in school. Book bags are typically sent home each day. In the book bag your child will always have a book and sometimes a letter for you or quick worksheet for them to complete. Any letters or worksheets will always pertain to the day's lesson from Title One reading group.

Remember ... simply listening and encouraging each day can make all the difference to an aspiring reader!

The Three C's

        Between Title I and you, between you and the classroom, between Title I and the student, and between Title I and the classroom
        Classroom and Title I teachers work together
         The pull-out work compliments and supports the work students do with their teachers every day.

Title One On Twitter

What Does My Child Do In Title One?

• Focuses on both reading and writing
• Provides extra practice with ... 

  1. Fluency (speed and smoothness)

  2. Accuracy (ability to figure out new words)

  3. Comprehension

  4. Word study/phonics

  5. Writing


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