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Used Equipment Sale: Obstacle Equipment


$10.00 or Best Offer

Nine (9) Omega Jake Triple Stage Auto Lock HMS Carabiner, Rated 23 kN  $10.00 each

Petzl Williams Ball Lock HMS Carabiner, Rated 25 kN $10.00 each




Contact Jack Messenheimer at Salem School District for more information: or 893-7040

Harness and Belay items

$5.00 or Best Offer



Four (4) Small Headwall Universal Harness 2011 (Green) $5.00 each

Seventeen (17) Medium Headwall Universal Harness 2011  (Blue) $5.00 each

Four (4) ABC ARC Belay Devices $5.00 each  Helmets no longer available




$25.00 or Best Offer



Five (5) K-1 Belay Pulleys $25.00 each

Four (4)  Klinesaver Shear Reduction Device $25.00 each



$5.00 or Best Offer

Six (6) Haul Cords For High Elements (to right of bag) $5.00 each



$200.00 or Best Offer


25’ Firecracker Ladder ( in back of photo) never used $200.00