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Voicethread - AP Spanish: Getting Started

Step by Step Instructions


1) Gather information about your illness/disease

  • start with Science in Context Database
  • maintain MLA citations 

2) Gather images that are eligible for re-use

  • Image Quest
  • Creative Commons
  • maintain MLA citations or attributions

3) Create Google Presentation

  • Slides should be mostly images with little text
  • Use notes to document what you will say in the Voicethread
  • when finished download as a PDF save to desktop or Y drive to then upload into voicethread


4) Activate Voicethread account

  •    save/download Google Presentation as a PDF
  •    upload Google Presentation to VT
  •    print notes

5) Record Voicethread

  • re-record to improve!
  • drop finished VT into AP Spanish group



Join the SHS Writing club in November as we attempt to write a 30,000 novel.  See Ms. Hopkins to sign-up.  All participants are invited to come to the library during their lunch to work on their novel.  

Learn more on the NaNoWriMo website.  

Ms. Hopkins