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Team Washington

A Grade 8 Woodbury Classroom Resource


Welcome to Team Washington's 2020 school year! 

The calendars below are assignments with due dates from Google Classroom Science and ELA or directly from the teachers along the side for Social Studies and Math. Please keep scrolling...

Please remember Google Classroom is the primary resource for assignments.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom

All Woodbury students (in-school or remote) will access Google Classroom with a district-issued username and password.

Math Assignments

Week of 09/21 Students can find all assignments on Google Classroom

Mon-Wed: iReady Testing

Thurs: Cores 1&5 Slope and y-intercept Worksheet; Cores 3&4 ACE #14-#17, #37 Worksheet


ELA Assignments

SSD Curriculum Resources

Social Studies Assignments

Hello. My Social Studies Homework will now be displayed on this page [as well as in Classroom]. I will post one month at a time.

       - Mr. Garland



9/14/20 - Notice + Note Chart from 9/11 article due tomorrow

9/15/20 - Race for a Vaccine comprehension worksheet due tomorrow

9/16/20 - Pre-writing/rough draft work of Coronacation assignment due tomorrow

9/17/20 - Final copy of Coronacation assignment due tomorrow

9/18/20 - None [unless you owe me something...]


9/21/20 - None 

9/22/20 - None 

9/23/20 - None

9/24/20 - Early English Settlement CSI

9/25/20 - None


9/28/20 - 

9/29/20 -

9/30/20 -

10/1/20 -

10/2/20 -






Science Assignments