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Woodbury Distance Learning

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Free Meals for All

Order breakfast and lunch meals by 7:00 a.m. Monday and Wednesday delivery or pickup.

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News & Updates

Find the latest district updates on Covid-19 and Distance Learning.

Get Help with Computer Issues

Technical Assistance

Reach out to our IT Support for help with your computer or techology issues.

End of Year Dates

End Of Year Events

Find all the important end-of-year student celebrations and events here.

Summer Enrichment Programs

Salem School District will be offering 30+ virtual summer enrichment programs for students grades K-12. 

Graduation 2020

Find the latest details for the SHS 2020 Drive-up Graduation celebration to be held Friday, June 5.

Access Classrooms

Help with common issues:

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Middle school students are typically independent learners skilled in the use of technology, but they may still need assistance as everything goes online. You play an important role in this remote school environment. The logistics of learning – typically handled in the classroom – are now more challenging.

However, you’re not alone. Your child’s teachers are your best source of support and guidance. Stay in communication and reach out for assistance. We’re adjusting our support services constantly to meet the needs of every student.

3 Keys to Success

Distance learning can be segmented into three general components. This video explains how to manage these and why staying in contact with your student's teacher will help get the most of the online experience.

Managing Stress

We're all experiencing stress in our current circumstance. SHS Nurse Amy Williams provides some helpful tips for students to manage the stresses they experience during social isolation and distance learning.

Classrooms and Technology

Each student will receive a school-issued device (Chromebook or laptop) to access their teacher Google Classroom websites and attend Zoom meetings. Students in grades 6-8 log in to this device using a school-issued Google username and password. This same information will provide access to their classroom.

Schedules, Assignments, and Office Hours

Distance Learning is intentionally flexible and is designed to work around your schedule.

Your student will access a number of Google Classrooms specific to the four core subject areas along with any Unified Arts courses. Many students have been working in Classroom for some time, thus, are familiar with the learning process. Yet others may be seeing this for the first time. Classrooms typically provide an activity "Stream" as your default view, listing teacher posts in a sequential manner. Clicking the "Classwork" view option will show content organized within topical categories.

Instructional videos and assignments will be posted for each class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning at 8:00 a.m with work time scheduled later in the day. Tuesdays and Thursdays have been designated as "live instruction" days via Zoom by subject area so students can join in group or one-on-one sessions.


Distance Learning
Support Services

Content Areas & Support

Elementary Math/STEM

Computer/Technical Help

Phone: 603-893-7069 x5700
Web: Click here...

Free Breakfast/Lunch

Free breakfast and lunch meals are available for pickup or delivery on Mondays and Wednesdays. For more details and to order your meals, visit the food service site...