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Connections: About/FAQ


About Connections

What is it?
Connections is a day-long retreat for seventh grade students, parents, and teachers, held at Northern Essex Community College (NECC) in Haverhill, MA addressing the social and emotional challenges facing today’s families.  The event offers a variety of workshops focusing on strengthening relationships, enhancing communication skills, building self-esteem, and promoting health and awareness. 

Who attends?
All seventh graders and parents/guardians of seventh graders are encouraged to attend Connections.  We are proud to note that at least 85-90% of parents attend Connections with their child.  Seventh grade staff members also attend.  A letter is attached to provide verification for your employer, if needed.

Why attend?
Connections gives everyone (students, parents, teachers) a chance to work together on important issues that surround adolescence.  Our workshops, led by experienced facilitators, are selected based on current issues pertinent to middle schoolers and their parents, and are intended to strengthen family bonds and actively involve all who attend.

Students will report to Woodbury School as usual for the start of the school day.  Buses will transport students to Northern Essex Community NECC and will return them to Woodbury School in time to take regular buses home.  Parents will drive separately to NECC.

Directions to Northern Essex Community College (NECC, Haverhill Campus)
The Haverhill Campus is located just off Route 495 North at Exit 52.  Take Exit 52 and turn left onto Route 110.  Take the first, immediate left, which will lead you to NECC’s campus.  Follow the Connections signs to the assigned parking area.