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Connections: Student-Only Workshops

Student-Only Workshops


Deborah Fauth, Salem Family Resources

Salem Family Resources offers babysitting training for Woodbury students.  Join us for a taste of our full babysitting course, and take home a few hands-on activities that will benefit your business.  Topics we cover include responsibilities, safety, fun and age-appropriate activities for young children, child development overview, and the business of babysitting.  What do YOU want to know about the fun and profitable enterprise of babysitting?

Home Alone

Rachel Austin, Health and Wellness Teacher, Woodbury School

Numerous middle school students begin coming home to an empty house and have a few hours to spend on their own.  How do you spend that time wisely?  What are some healthy snacks you could safely prepare on your own?  What are some safety issues you should know about?  Come learn in this interactive session with Ms. Austin!




Amy Jo Muscott, M. Ed, Education Coordinator Bridges: Domestic and Sexual Violence Support, Nashua NH

Through discussion and activity, participants will explore the ins and outs of rumors and gossip. Participants will discuss what happens when a rumor or gossip is taken too far and how to “break the chain” and be a positive bystander. The workshop will discuss how peer pressure and bullying are involved in creating and spreading rumors and gossip.

Study Skills for Success

Fred Hutchinson, Grade 7 Math Teacher; Coach, Woodbury School

If you want to become successful, you have to start with healthy habits.  This workshop is geared towards improving study skills and will focus on organization, how to properly read a textbook, and effective note-taking skills.

Is College in Your Future?

Val Castonguay, College Outreach Specialist, The NHHEAF Network Organizations

Studies have shown that benefits, beyond financial, to furthering education include an increased ability to think critically and analytically, express oneself more clearly orally and in writing, analyze and compute more effectively, and make knowledgeable and sound decisions.  Also, greater job opportunities in a rapidly changing world are available to college graduates.  It is projected that the jobs we know today will be non-existent ten years from now and that jobs of the future will be far more dependent on brain power and a skill set, making education beyond high school more crucial.  This workshop will introduce parents and students to the opportunities available beyond high school.

Sessions 3 Only

Empathy: What Is It and How Do I Make It My Superpower?

Jeff M. Frigon, MS Experiential Education, Youth & Student Programs Coordinator:  The Browne Center - UNH

Empathy is our ability to know what others are feeling and then how to interact with them.  What is it? How does it work?  How can you practice it so you can move through the world and be a nice person?   How can you “crush” empathy (in the good way).   All these questions and more will be answered (and practiced!) in this workshop.  We will spend some time inside with an interactive Prezi then head outside (if it’s nice) to play games that can help you learn how to make empathy your superpower.  HINT: Just start with being nice…. and we'll take it from there!