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Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Finalists!

Jason Ryan

Sophie Pan

Alternate: John Vargas

Congratulations to our top 4 Owls who made it to the next round of the Geo Bee!

Jason Ryan

Emma Binda

Cam Melito

Ryan Todt

Good luck at the Geo Bee, January 2, 2020 @ 6:00pm!


Team Owls had 7 students qualify for the 2020 Geography Bee!

Matthew Crocker

Patrick Ross

Sharla Menzigian

Jason Ryan

Emma Binda

Ryan Todt

Cam Melito



Owls Activity Fee

We are still trying to collect the remaining Owl Team Activity Fee. Please sign and return the t-shirt form with $20 cash or check as soon as possible. This fee helps spread out the costs for Olympic t-shirts and field trip money!



Scholastic order code: LD27Q

Please consider ordering books through Use classroom code LD27Q This month, Lightning Thief is only $2!

Owl Team Schedule

7:25-8:15 Red class 
8:15-9:02 Yellow class
9:02-9:32 Advisory or directed  study & Snack
9:32-10:19 Unified arts #1
10:19-11:06 Unified  arts #2
11:06-12:06 Green class
12:06-12:36 Lunch
12:36-1:23 Blue class
1:23-2:10 Purple class

Owl Humor

Where does Harry Potter's owl, Hedwig, like to shop?

-Diagon Owlley


What do owls say on October 31st?

Happy Owl-ween!!!!!! - Courtesey of DeAnna Gasbarro


Why do owls get invited to parties?

-Because they’re a HOOT!!!!!!

I found a babysitter who works in an owl costume

-She's a Hootin'-Nanny!!!!!!


What's an owl's favorite Beatles song?

-Owl You Need Is Love!!!!!!


What do you call an owl dressed in armor?

-A knight owl!!!!!!


What kind of books do owls read?



What is a Barn Owl's favorite subject?



Knock, knock.

"Who's there?"


"Owl who?"

Owl be seeing you!!!!!!


What do you call a Magical Owl?



-What do you call an owl that does boxing?

-Muhammad OWLEE!!!!!!


Why did the owl invite all his friends over?

-Because he didn't want to be owl alone!!!!!!