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School Counseling: Events and Programs







Sixth grade students participate in a two day healthy relationship unit that focuses on communication skills.  Counselors introduce the concepts of boundaries, I statements, and empathy to help empower students when interacting with peers.  

Seventh grade students participate in a two day healthy relationship unit that  introduces the concepts of flirting, joking and sexual harassment, responsibility and bystander skills. Counselors work with students to help students to differentiate between flirting, joking and sexual harassment, and to help develop strategies for coping, seeking help, and prevention.

Eighth grade students participate in a healthy relationship unit taught through the Health and Wellness class that introduces the concepts of gender stereotypes, showing support, risk factors and asking for help.  

Salem School District has a revised Bullying Policy. To view this policy, please visit the Central Office's website.



Grade 6

Sixth grade students complete several activities and worksheets over the course of two days to discover what their learning style, skills and personality-type codes are. Our goal is to help students make a connection between how these factors can match up better to certain careers.

Grade 7

Seventh grade career classes continue to look at students' talents and skills as well as introducing the idea of values.  Students explore their values, specifically, the factors that most influence job selection (for instance, money, family, adventure, security, etc.).  Students make connections between their values, talents and skills and career choices, as well as discuss how to turn leisure time activities into future careers. Family career links are discovered by completing the career tree, and discussions can occur around how careers chosen are influenced by familial and cultural factors.

Grade 8

The eighth grade careers curriculum is covered in the Health and Wellness class and focuses on personal career interests.  Students complete an inventory based on John Holland's Career Interest Code. Interest codes match up to a specific career path. Students will come to understand the educational requirements and salary expectations of that career. Students also participate in the "Reality Fair" where they will learn what it is like to live in the day of someone with a specific salary.  To find out more on what the reality fair is all about, visit  Lastly,  counselors help students select high school courses based on their career goals.




National Junior Honor Society



Attached is a copy of Woodbury's NJHS Chapter Bylaws.  Click on the image/link above to be directed to the official NJHS web page.

Due to COVID, this year's current eighth grade NJHS selection process will begin Oct. 5th.  Your child will receive an invitation to fill out a candidate form if he or she qualifies based on academic merit.  Qualification standards are outlined in our bylaws. 



Connections is a day-long, annual retreat for seventh grade students, parents, and teachers that takes place on the first Friday of the school year. Connections  offers a variety of workshops focusing on strengthening relationships, enhancing communication skills, building self-esteem, and promoting health and awareness.

Grade 7 is a pivotal year in many ways, and we want Connections to be used as a way to make the transition through middle school as successful as possible.

We are proud to note that, since 1996, approximately 85-90% of our parents attend this event with their children!  If you require a letter describing this program for your employer, please let us know and we are happy to furnish you with one.  

Please watch for details regarding Connections in the spring.

Tutoring Services

The Salem School District has several identified staff members who are able to help your son or daughter achieve academic success at a nominal fee.  Salem High School also has a free Peer-to-Peer tutoring program if you wish to have a student tutor your son or daughter.  If you are looking for a staff or peer tutor to help your child, please contact your child's school counselor for more information.